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So, you’ve done your research and decided on a cabinet company for your project. You’ve developed the perfect design, and made all of your wood, finish, and hardware selections. With all that behind you, the next question you ask is, how long will it take to get my cabinets? The cabinet guy takes a deep breath and glances down at the floor before saying, “Our current schedule has us six to eight weeks out on orders placed today.” That’s not what you wanted to hear, since your old cabinets were torn out weeks ago and your family has been living on fast food and whatever can be cooked in the microwave.

Extended cabinet production times have become all-too-familiar since Hurricane Harvey struck. So, instead of that being the last question you ask, it should be the first. We here at Kent Moore Cabinets welcome that question. Our lead times, which are among the shortest in the industry, have not changed. We have the capacity to build upwards of a thousand cabinets a day with an average production time of twelve to fifteen working days for a typical job. That’s right; our production times are measured in days, not in months.

Kent Moore Cabinets has the selection and product flexibility to accommodate most every taste, and production times that we’re proud of. Time is money. Let Kent Moore Cabinets save you both.

We invite you to visit any of our seven locations throughout the state of Texas to see what Kent Moore Cabinets can do for you. And don’t be afraid to ask us the hard questions.  We’re sure we’ll have the answers you’re looking for.